SKY ECC is a premier secure communications platform that has tens of thousands of users worldwide in highly regulated and sensitive industries (Government, Finance, Healthcare, and Legal). SKY ECC is that next step in securing the communications of your business and personal life. Its secure eco-system has been built to prevent communication leaks, protect anonymity and secure networks, by employing the most powerful encryption currently available commercially.

Even the best free messaging apps are not secure enough to protect you. Those who use apps such as,  WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc., understand that end-to-end encryption is important, but they are not taking it far enough if they truly value the privacy and confidentiality of their communications.

Sky ECC includes secure messaging, secure voice recording, password-protected vault, and is installed only on tamper-resistant hardware devices with multiple layers of encryption to ensure that your communication can’t be decrypted by anyone.

Benefits and Features:

  • Private Global Network
  • End-to-End Multi-layered Security and Encryption
  • Secure Mobile Device Management
  • Revocable Communications
  • User-defined Communications Expiry
  • 30-second Flash Messaging
  • Duress Password Protection
  • Password Protected Vault
USE CASE – Senior Management

Every company has C-level and high-level executives who will discuss highly sensitive corporate matters one way or another. As such, they are prime targets for corporate espionage.

Top executives need a secure communications device to provide the necessary confidentiality and privacy of their communications. Not only do their jobs depend on not breaching company confidentiality, but the company’s business also depends on it. Neglecting communications security leaves the whole company vulnerable.

Careful consideration of all their communications—even when communicating privately, as Jeff Bezos found out when his phone was hacked—must be protected.

USE CASE – Remote Employees and Business Travellers

There will be times when companies need to communicate securely and privately with employees performing critical business functions, who are either working remotely or travelling extensively. They could be based in or travelling to a country that is highly surveilled and vulnerable to communications interception.

As well, it is important that communications within a group stays within the group communications channel, and not be subjected to monitoring or leakage. SKY ECC allows a company to predefine the group members and corporate devices to ensure that only authorised staff are in the group communications channel.

USE CASE – Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Clients expect their communications with their attorneys to be strictly confidential, and attorneys understand the need to maintain the attorney-client privilege relationship.

However, in these modern times, attorneys and their clients do communicate over traditional messaging apps for purposes of efficiency and effectiveness, and this form of communication has the potential risk of being monitored and intercepted. This risk can be substantially reduced with the use of SKY ECC.

Through SKY ECC’s secured private global network, dedicated only to its users, attorneys and their clients can be assured that their communications are strictly confidential and private.

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